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If you are looking for an exciting and creative career where you are able to meet new people and travel around the world, then you should consider applying to one of the many photography colleges located across the country.  After graduating from a photography school, you will be able to choose a career in a variety of areas, including portrait photography, photojournalism, or photo-advertising.  By enrolling in a photography program, you will learn everything the business has to offer.  You will learn about the history of photography, art history, photographic equipment, and techniques in photography.  Be part of this thrilling career by enrolling in a photography school today.

About Photography Schools

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Photography colleges equip students with the foundational knowledge, advanced tools and technical practice to enter a fast-paced and dynamic field that spans the gamut in specialties. Photography degrees have curriculums that are built on the foundations of art, story-telling and technique. Photography school students learn about lighting, exposure, medium and movement and practice in the field with traditional equipment as well as advanced products. Although California photography schools are extremely popular due to the weather and beautiful scenery, there are plenty of photography colleges located across the country – so review and research each program to find the best opportunity for you.

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Hands-on experience in photography programs is critical and students are often assigned projects that challenge their creativity. With the continued improvement in photography technology, students who attend photography colleges learn to work with digital medium and with software and computer photography programs that aid in visual aesthetics.

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Many photography programs are housed within art schools and are accredited by national organizations. Photography colleges are best suited for those with an artistic eye, a knack for storytelling and the ability to warm people to a camera. Strong interpersonal skills to work with clients as well as patience to wait for the right shot can be helpful in this career trajectory.

Photography Degrees Lead to a Variety of Careers

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There are multiple areas of specialization for photography school students including but not limited to sports photography, fashion photography and portrait photography.

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The job of a photographer, after earning a photography degree, is to provide context and perspective, and nowhere is this more true than in the fast-paced environment of sports. Consider as an example, a photography exhibit of an internationally watched soccer game or the Olympics that streams together a coherent story, action by action.

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Photography college students focused on fashion photography capture clothes, shoes and accessories and help sell them. An interactive feature from the New York Time’s 2011 Fashion Week coverage showcases the talents of photographers who provide millions of people access into the exclusive world of high fashion.

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Photography programs, including online photography schools, also produce portrait photographers who capture the likeness of a person or people. In some cases, portrait photographers document notable figures in history such as politicians and celebrities. Portrait photography is one of the oldest established specialties in photography colleges and is responsible for advancing the techniques of capturing images. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics portrait photography is among the fastest-growing specialties in photography due to the increase in population and demand. Most portrait photographers need technical proficiency and degrees given from accredited programs. Portrait photography is perhaps one of the oldest specialties, but it continues to draw new talent and hold steady in demand.

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Another in-demand photography degree area is event photography. Increasingly, people demand that important moments from weddings to corporate events and reunions are captured for posterity.

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According the BLS, photographers held roughly 152,000 jobs as of 2008. Opportunities included self employment, and working for agencies, magazines, newspapers and business clients on special projects. Other photographers worked for portrait studios or provided images to stock-photo agencies.

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Photography degrees can offer students a lifelong learning experience  – photographers continue to work on their craft after official classroom training. To that end, numerous professional development associations offer photographers ongoing training, professional development and career support. Professional associations which offer continuing support for colleagues in this industry include the Professional Photographers of America, which includes members in 54 countries and the Association of Photographers.

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Explore your career in photography today by checking out the photography colleges in your area.

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