In May of 2007, 95 year-old Nola Ochs graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in History. She is the oldest person to ever graduate college. So the answer to the age question is absolutely not. You’re not too old, you will NEVER be too old to return to school. Sometimes in the day-to-day struggle of working and raising children or caring for elderly parents we think “Is this all there is?” I have asked myself that question many times. Then I realized that it would not be selfish of me to return to school, in fact, I would be doing my children and husband a favor.

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By fulfilling my dreams and ambitions I have become a better mother and wife and a happier person in general. That’s not to say that I haven’t wanted to give up or that it was easy to start over, it wasn’t easy and I frequently wanted to throw in the towel. Since you are reading this blog you have taken an important step on the path to your educational future.

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Technology has completely revolutionized how we attend school. I finished my BA in English from a really great college completely online.  I lived two hundred miles from the school and I never set foot on campus. Not all online degrees offer online options but  many schools offer blended programs where some of the classes are at the school and some are online or telecourses.

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The opportunities are there for people of all ages to begin or continue their education. Don’t give up on yourself if you think you’re too old. You’re never too old to learn something new.

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