If you’ve been interested in pursuing a career as a technician, you’ll be happy to know that there are a wide variety of jobs available to you. The key to finding the right career option for you is exploring just what’s out there. Here is a brief list and then a little more in depth review at a few particular technician careers.

  • Medical Technician Careers
  • Lab Technician Careers
  • Engineering Technician Careers
  • Many, Many, more.

Automotive Technician Careers

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There are a lot of great opportunities available to those looking for automotive technician careers. The specifications of these jobs vary but generally center around utilizing advanced computerized control systems and diagnostic equipment. Many automotive technicians also work to create various vehicle colors and styles, as well as adjust power and speed.
As a technician, you will be required to know computers, math and science. The types of careers you can take on in this field include auto detailing, auto service, diesel, motorcycle, NASCAR, and watercraft.

Aviation Technician Careers

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Another career option that’s available to technician hopefuls is the aviation technician career. Slightly different than the automotive technician career, a technician involved in avionics inspects, tests, and repairs the electronic components of various navigation, communication and flight-control systems. Additionally, aviation technicians may work with engineers in an effort to develop and install new electronics systems. In order to take on this career, students will be required to complete two- or four-year training at a technical institute, community college, or university. Also, frequent seminar attendance and training is required to remain current in the field once employed. Some specific technician careers in avionics include airframe and power plant, avionics and maintenance.

Computer Technician Careers

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Computer technician careers are among the highest in demand. Because most of the business world relies on computers for company networking, as well as Internet access, it becomes increasingly important that technicians are around to manage day-to-day activities. There are a number of computer technician job opportunities available, but in general this position handles a number of responsibilities, including installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer hardware and software, creating computer networks, setting up email accounts, providing technical training to employees, and recommending hardware/software acquisitions.

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Educational requirements for these careers typically include two years of computer science/information technology coursework. Specific job options in this career cluster include network and repair technicians.

Medical Technician Careers

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Like all of the other technician careers, medical technician careers are varied in responsibility. However, some basic job duties might include performing routine tests in clinical laboratories, collecting, storing and labeling specimens, tending automatic equipment, performing analytical tests, preparing solutions, and cleaning and sterilizing laboratory equipment. Pursuing a career as a medical technician requires completing a technician program and receiving certification by a nationally-recognized agency or board. Some medical technician jobs include dental, dialysis, pharmacy, patient, radiology, surgical, ultrasound, x-ray, and veterinary.

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Choosing the type of technician career you would like to take on rests solely on your decision to pursue what makes you truly happy. So before you settle into a career choice in this field, take time to explore what you love, and how you really want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Other Top Tech Careers

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Many of the most popular tech careers fall into the information technology field. This is because the Internet is so powerful and ever-evolving; there has to be a broad industry to keep up with its demands. As a result, some of the more popular tech careers include:

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Database Administration – Those in this career are responsible for guaranteeing the security of information for employees and customers of business. They also have to guarantee the accessibility of this information. Individuals in this job require continuous technical training and usually require a bachelor’s degree and independent certification. Those who hire in this career often remark that they can fill these positions fast enough.

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Computer Systems Analysis – This career type is responsible for digging deep into tools that will allow for solving major computing challenges. Those in this career usually need both hardware and software expertise; however, they are not categorized as designers, developers, or programmers. To enter this field, one usually needs a computer science degree that focuses more on academic research than programming skills.

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Web Hosting Technician Jobs – Another popular tech career is the web hosting technician. Because the Internet has now become its own beast, web hosting technicians are now required for many business online promotional sites, photo libraries, applications, and much more. Many technicians also work directly for web hosting companies, ensuring that those sites operating from this company function properly. This career also requires software and hardware knowledge, as well as generator and security-system experience.

High-Paying Tech Careers

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While we’re looking at popular technology careers, let’s also take a quick look at some of the higher-paying careers fond in the same industry.

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Information Research Scientist – This high-tech career focuses on the research aspect of information technology and usually pays in the ballpark of $95,000 to $130,000 per year.

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Systems Software Engineer – Individuals on this career track average a pay of $84,000 per year, with a cap in the area of $143,000.

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Data Miner – Those in data mining are considered top-dollar computer programmers, and fall into the category of averaging $72,000 per year with the top 10-percent earning as much as $115,000 per year.

There are a number of other popular careers to take advantage of, but of course, in order to dive into those industries, you must first acquire the appropriate education. So learn all you can about the tech industries that interest you then enjoy your pursuit of the career of your dreams.


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