Popular Trade and Technical Programs

Technical, IT, Computers

The fields of Information and Computer Technology include a wide variety of trained technical professionals, including those working in network administration, computer forensic/security, hardware/software technicians, computer programming and more. And almost all of these professionals have earned a technical degree from one of the many technical schools available. Because computer technology has infiltrated nearly every type of organization doing business today, opportunities for skilled and trained computer professionals are abundant, and the environments they work in diverse. Successful professionals in these fields are technical in nature, good at troubleshooting problems and quick to learn new technology. Most specializations require training and/or certification; with this training at hand there are almost limitless professional opportunities.

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Popular Types of Technical Schools: IT Schools

Trade and Vocational

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Trade Schools help individuals prepare for the ever-growing demand for specialized technical jobs that in turn require specialized technical training. These careers are very diverse, and include emerging professions as workplace needs grow. Among the many options are computer-aided drafting, electronics, industrial trades, computer technology, business, health-care, graphic design and much more. Students typically work toward certificates or associate degrees, and will follow specialized curricula that readies them for work in nearly any type of environment, from private business to government agencies. Students who like a hand-on education that enables them to practice lessons typically enjoy the trade school experience.

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Popular Types of Trade Schools: Automotive Schools | HVAC Schools

Art, Design, and Fashion

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Art, Design and Fashion is a career field that brings many creative professionals together in exciting areas such as interior design, architectural design, graphics, fashion design and more. Those who are interested in these fields tend to be very creative by nature, and like working as part of a team to bring ideas to life Their creativity and training makes these professionals attractive to a variety of organizations, including design firms, retail establishments, government agencies and much more. Some even make a name for themselves working as an independent consultant. A flair for the creative and the appropriate training can paint a promising picture for professionals in the art, design and fashion fields.

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Popular Types of Art Schools: Photography Colleges | Design Schools | Culinary Schools

Law and Criminal Justice

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Law and Criminal Justice professionals are responsible serving society by helping to uphold and maintain law and order. Career opportunities in these fields are very much diversified and can include positions with local police, state police, probation and parole agencies, correctional facilities, and federal law enforcement agencies. In addition professionals are needed within the legal profession, working as paralegals, legal secretaries and as practicing attorneys. Individuals who are successful in these areas tend to enjoy serving the public and working as part of a team. In an era of increased need for public safety and protection of rights, highly-trained law and criminal justice professionals have a vast array of opportunities to serve.

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Popular School Types: Criminal Justice Colleges


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Health Care is a quickly-expanding field that brings trained professionals together from many specialties, including nursing, surgical technology and medical assisting, as well as practitioners such as physicians and optometrists. The field has exploded in recent years as specialized health care needs have grown. Compassionate individuals who enjoy caring for others tend to enjoy the health care field. These individuals will find plentiful professional opportunities in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, private organizations. In some cases they can even work as independent contractors. Highly-trained and skilled health care professionals typically enjoy a wide variety of employment options, and this sector of the economy is expected to continue to grow rapidly.

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Popular Types of Healthcare Schools: Nursing Colleges

All Programs

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The above is just a small sampling of our most popular programs and school types. Use the search feature in the upper left hand corner to find degrees and programs, including online schools, available in your area.

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